Information is the backbone on all decisions made in buying or selling real estate,  and it’s always changing.  Knowing how and where to get the information and how to assemble a conclusion with the data is another question.   Like a puzzle,  each piece of data fits into one another to create the big picture.  If the data is use correctly then the Big Picture is clear - assemble it incorrectly and the Big Picture can look much different.   East Bridge Realty has the knowledge and experience in putting the pieces of data together correctly to create the big picture for you. We use quality sources for demographics, business information, local and national news, and sit in county meetings,  to make sure you are the best informed.  We stay up to date on real estate trends in all property types, across the RTP.   East Bridge research covers topics important to you and your real estate decisions.  This gives both buyers and sellers a one of a kind in-depth market availability and data in our local market and from all available sources.  You’ll get the big picture to see how your property fits in an area or how to best market your property.


We can provide a free evaluation of your home or land using the specific characteristics to compare it with relevant current market prices. This detailed analysis will give you a preliminary idea of how much you can expect from the market and where we should aim.  Contact us to get this process started so that you can move forward into what the future holds next for you.



 RESEARCH & Data Experts


Demographic Research - Supply & Demand Analysis - Target-Market Research

Market Analysis - Comparable Sale and BPO - Price Opinions


I provide a full range of research services which includes: