A unique marketing program for your property, this is the foundation for how well your home will do in the market place.  One of the most critical keys in the success of any real estate marketing is to have a solid game plan.  This lets you know where you are and where you would like to be.  Let’s face it: You can’t rely on past conventional methods. You need a real estate marketing strategy that hits it at every angle for the most powerful impact, and online isn’t enough anymore.  East Bridge Realty leaves no stone unturned, positioning your property, so well that potential prospects are aware of what you offer and how you compare to your competition.  We research and target the demographic groups of potential buyers for your property.  Then we sell dreams and a lifestyle to those targeted groups of buyers.  At East Bridge Realty, we can build each desire into a consistent, targeted, emotional dream from advertisement to the sales and marketing aspect of your property.  We can do it all from strategic planning to creative execution, from interactive communications to public relations, from photography to video webcast production, build a cohesive campaign for each of your major market segments, using a consistent message from the initial contact to the online experience, all the way through to discussion with the buyers.  East Bridge Realty real estate marketing & strategies are all done in-house. This maximizes all aspects of the marketing efforts of your property and ensures that your message is being properly communicated.

Marketing & Planning


More than 90% of potential buyers use the Internet to search for a new home – pictures play a major role.   Buyers love photos and a lot of them.  They are rated as the most important item in a listing.   If it is true that a picture speaks a thousand words and are key to catching the buyers’ eye to invite them to learn more about the property.  East Bridge Realty will maximize your real estate exposure by adding a visual wonderland of more than 40 professional photos, a  Virtual Tour and Videos that bring your home to life and attract more buyers. Making sure your property shines rooftops above the competition in the virtual world.


Professional PHOTOGRAPHY






Graphic design in your real estate presentations helps give it POP and convey a specific message to your targeted audience. I  will design custom marketing material that fits your particular need..







Web sites


Magazines ads

Newspapers Ads



More than 90% of all real estate buyers are using the Internet to search for property.  I maximize all aspects of your online presence and marketing efforts to ensure that your message is being properly communicated. I am committed to putting your property in front of millions of potential buyers through the most Popular Real Estate Websites and Search Engines. As you know, more interest can lead to a higher closing price.


I provide website design, web management, and consultative services. A full range of web services is offered which includes:


  • Neighborhood Website
  • Website Development
  • Custom Websites  Solutions
  • HTML custom e-blasts
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • QR Coding


Offering a complete package of web solutions and a full-service real estate company, we understand buyers and sellers needs and desires.  Whether you are a residential homeowner, custom builder, or a large developer, I will help you achieve a web presence that delivers the very best results for your property.

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