A floor plan helps buyers pay more attention to your home, by actively considering use of the space.  In fact 75 % of prospective home buyers want to see a floor plan before setting an appointment to tour a home.  Prospective buyers want to know room sizes and their configuration in a house so that they can understand the flow of the property.  I will cleanup your floor plan or produce a floor plan from scratch of your home and use it in the marketing campaign of the property.


Benefits of Floor Plans:

  • Qualifies more buyers before they visit the listing.
  • Helps prospective buyers understand the home's flow and room sizes
  • Buyers rated 2nd most desired feature in a listing after quantity of images.
  • Creative people love virtual tours, but analytical types prefer floor plans.
  • The floor plans are more precise and help define the photographs. 


SIZE = Money in Real Estate


The SIZE of your Home is a major factor when calculating the value of a home. The appraisals, and ultimately the sales price are ultimately based on the SIZE of the Home.  Most of the time the homes size is assumed from past tax record or previous listings or public record,  or a simple exterior main floor foundation measurement is done to estimate the Square Footage.  Square Footage is the Currency of your Home and should be as accurate as it can to ensure you are getting the best price for your home. A Square Footage error could cost you thousands of dollars in a lower asking price.


I offer a home measuring service that will verify the current heated and unheated square footage in your home.  I use the latest laser technology to measure every room and space inside and out. This ensure you getting the correct square footage.