Every pre-owned home is a product of innovative design and quality craftsmanship by some of the area's best builders.  All protective buyers need to be made clear of these unique features as well as  the fact the home is in great condition at a fair market value.  The certified pre-owned home program will ensure to all potential buyers as well as the seller of the home's quality and value.  In a challenging real estate market, this will allow for a seamless purchase and closing process.

Certified Pre-Owned

             Home Program


Knowing about any possible problems with your home before you put it on the market will prepare you to deal with requests from potential buyers. A Pre-Home inspection simply means you have your home inspected before you receive an offer from a buyer.  The advantage to this approach is that if your home can be advertised with the a "clean" bill of health message ,  it will potentially help you sell faster and for more money.


What A Pre-Home Inspection can do for you:

  • Quality Assurance - Full Disclosure.  Lets Buyers know the home is quality.
  • Hassle-Free Experience -  Buyer and Sellers know everything upfront,  no 'NASTY SURPRISE'.
  • Faster Sale - All facts are on the table makes for a faster sale for more money.
  • Remove Uncertainty - Eliminate the last minute fall through or re-negotiations.



When home sales slow, good comps "age" fast ,  add foreclosures and short sales to the mix and the new regulations by the government for appraisers.  This ends up with appraisals running all over the value map for certain areas.  The random appraisal values can continue far into the recovered health real estate market.  This has proven to be an increasing and significant problem lately.


  •  Here's the increasingly common scenario:  The Listing Agency does a Broker Opinion of Value report to justify the listing price range of 850,000 to 875,000 with comps and data to support the value range.  The seller decides to lists the house for 875,000, the buyer offers 825,000 and they settle on a 850,000 sales price.  A week before closing, the appraisal comes in at 800,000, the maximum upon which the bank is willing to lend.  A 50,000 shortfall ?   In this scenario, the seller -- having already come down -- typically doesn't want to drop the price further. The buyer may not have the available cash, or may not be willing to pay more than the appraised value.  In the end the deal is blown apart and both Seller and Buyer lose.


In a challenging real estate market, the Pre-APPRAISAL can allow for a more seamless purchase and closing process.



A home warranty, or a home protection plan, is a one-year service contract that covers the repair or replacement of home system components and appliances that typically break down over time.  This allows buyer know that they will be covered for one year from unexpected, covered breakdowns.